6 Months Since Launch

It's been 6 months since the launch of Say Hello 2 Blindness Accessories!  

The journey leading up to the launch and the months following have been abundant with learning curves, moments of 'what in the world have I done?’, as well as, feelings of empowerment, support and fulfillment.  

The lead up to launch is all of the creative stuff.  Writing a business plan.  Deciding on a name and brand.  Designing the logo.  Selecting the initial products.  Website, POS, business cards.  Thankfully, I have a retail and corporate background.

Launch day arrives!  For Say Hello it was attending, as a vendor, a Foundation Fighting Blindness Symposium.  Huge nerves and doubts immediately set in.  Will they like it? Will the message be understood? Will they be able to read the logo by touching the raised embroidery?  Will anyone purchase?  The doors opened and I was overwhelmed by the excitement, enthusiasm and support extended my way.  The logo, its message and the product quality were all a success.

No one mentioned the really challenging work is after launch.  Marketing. Social Media is a definite must have and it has to be consistent, well thought out and interesting.  May I say, speaking for myself, old dogs can be taught new tricks with the assistance from Google and Trainers. :0)

My passion for vision loss awareness was not a dot in my radar until diagnosed with Stargardts in 2012.  This passion led me on a path of self-fulfillment and joy.  You know what ‘they’ say...’When handed limes, make a gin&tonic!’ Or something like that!

It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur.  I wish to thank everyone who has supported me in this journey thus far.  Those who encouraged and kept me focused when things became tough.  To all of you who have purchased Say Hello and, hopefully, wear and share the message ‘Thank you Village’.

Love, Denise

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