Traveling with Vision Loss

I have always enjoyed seeing new sights and experiencing new adventures.

Of late, traveling with central vision loss has added an element of challenge.

I was fortunate enough to get away from our chilly winds and cold weather to an island of warm winds and hot sunshine.

My family and I do have a sense of humour making this stuff lighter.

Here are few of my travel challenge highlights. 

Airports..Those handy machines you insert passports and answer a few questions are not always the ‘fastest’ way for me.  Thankfully, my son or the staff were there to sort and assist. 

New environments..Beautiful resorts must be navigated slowly as my biggest side effect is loss of depth perception.  I learn very early on where the stairs are located and, if available, all the ramps.  One holiday, I missed a step and am happy to report no one was hurt and not a drop of my drink was spilled. 

Clothing..Inside out, oh well. This last round, I managed to wear a bathing suit top inside out and a dress backwards!  Thank goodness for the quick honesty of family :0).

Dining..My fine detail limitations can make certain food identifications tricky.  Buffets can be a challenge.  The description cards are tough for anyone to read.   ‘What is this?’ is expressed quite often.  People asked often have a small smile when replying.  Never do I go hungry and many a time I experience new tastes and flavours.

Face recognition..Is always dependant on lighting and distance.  Locating my family in the dining room, on the beach or at the pool could consist of several strolls around the areas.  I loved it upon hearing ‘Denise, we’re over here!’.  As well as, complete strangers asking to help due to my puzzled expression.

What I’ve learned is that people are generally very kind and willing to help out.  It is extremely rare that I am met with impatience or intolerance.  Wearing a smile and my ‘Say Hello’ cap and t-shirts certainly help out.

Love, Denise  

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