Two Blind Brothers

I'm very excited to share a response from The Two Blind Brothers upon reading my November Blog ‘Inspiration’!

Hello Denise!

Thanks so much for reaching out, and sharing your story and your blog - we think that is fantastic and are so honored to have been able to inspire you in such a way.  We absolutely love hearing from people who have gone through similar challenges as we have or have loved ones that have. Science and technology have advanced so much over the last few years that we really are confident that finding a cure is not a question of IF but it's a question of when. The blog looks awesome and we  LOVE the way you are rocking the Mind over Matter shirt in those photos!!

It means so much to us to receive your message and for your words of encouragement, and we wish you the best!

Thanks for joining us on our mission for a cure!


Two Blind Brothers


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