I love wearing my Say Hello hoodie and cap!!! I have packed both of these items for weekend getaways. The hoodie is sporty, versatile, and the soft fleece is awesome for cool-weather adventures. My black Say Hello cap is noticeable, it fits well and is made of 100 percent cotton which provides softness and comfort all the time. So sporty.....super cute!  Judy Feb2020

"First, I have to say that the quality of the clothing is fantastic!  It feels wonderful and washes beautifully (I have the t-shirt and toque).  Second, and more interesting, are the comments and questions I get when wearing the gear (I also have the pin attached to my briefcase).  It’s a great opportunity to share Denise’s story and to bring awareness “one accessory at a time” as she says!  I love it.”  Michele January 2020

‘Been a really long time since we did a braille pillow.  This one is waaaay more meaningful this time round. Meet @sayhello2blindness.  Denise was diagnosed with Stargardt Disease in 2012 which in a nutshell means…..She is going blind. But like Beyonce she made lemonade.  She has started a movement / campaign to raise awareness and support for this disease by creating her own line of merchandise each emblazoned with her own logo which is the braille text ‘Say Hello’. Please follow her and check out her site at’. teb interiors inc April 2019


‘I like the message on the shirt! I also love the Braille too on the shirt!’ Isaac August 2019

‘We were particularly moved by your video. Many in the room share your story of vision loss and believe strongly in the importance of talking about your journey with friends and family. The need to ‘say hello’ is a simple yet very powerful message.' Angela Bonfanti, Vice President, CNIB Foundation Ontario and Quebec, and Central Programs November 2019